ArcheoHotspots in English

ArcheoHotspots is an initiative from the Allard Pierson Museum in collaboration with the AWN (Volunteers in archaeology) and Erfgoed Brabant (Heritage Brabant). It was founded in 2014 and the first ArcheoHotspot opened in December 2014 in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. The project strives to make archaeology accessible to everyone.

Walk into one of the ‘ArcheoLabs’ and get all the information you'd want about archaeology. Whether it's an object you’ve found in your garden or about an excavation site near you. We encourage you to help us with real archaeological research and to learn about about the history of your area. It is open and fascinating to all ages. Ask your questions to any of the volunteers or archaeologists. The ArcheoHotspot is a place where you can walk in without an appointment and always for free! Experience archeology yourself! Find your nearest ArcheoHotspot on our site and stop by. See you there!


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